Wednesday, February 27, 2019

5 Natural Herbs to Get Rid of Hair Fall

Most common problems faced by most millions of people in the world of hair fall and poor hair health. Pollution, chemical-based products, uninterrupted quality of water and personal care deficiencies are part of the causes of hair problems. But there are some Ayurvedic wonders that can help to clean the system from inside and promote healthy hair and scalp. This medicinal has been a part of Ayurveda for centuries and can be wonderful for your hair.
Vungrajraj can help with some hair problems and treat scalp problems. It stimulates hair growth and reverses the effects of bacteria that come to the throat. This makes new hair growth easier because it drips scalps and strengthens hair drops. Take some leaves, dry and heat with some oil. Apply it directly to scalp and wash after 30 minutes.


You may know this medication called 'Mathi'. Fat is packed with protein, vitamin C, potassium and nicotine, which helps in the growth of all hair growth, prevent hair and stimulates hair growth and gives hair follicles the power. Sootle the fennel seeds at night and mix them with lemon water. Apply hair like a mask and dry it after drying.


Eating bachelor can keep all hair away for one day. It removes hair problems and purifies blood. It improves wound health by fighting dandruff and harmful infections. Take 5-6 tablespoons of bamboo in a bowl and mix it with water to make a thick paste. Apply paste to your scalp and let it sit for 30 minutes and wash it with shampoo for your choice. Do this three times for best results this week.


Ashwagandha is a wonderful herb that will help you prevent a hair fall. It controls the levels of cortisol and risks hair loss. Cortisol hormone which causes hair loss and makes hair growth slow. Scalp can help it to scale scale circulation and promote hair growth. Mix some aswagwagha and amla powder into a bowl using water. Make a paste and apply your skalp and hair mix. Turn it off after 30 minutes. Do this three times for best results this week. 

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