Wednesday, March 13, 2019

3 ways to boost your memory

These simple steps will help your boost your memory and have you studying at optimum level. 

Whether you are studying for a critical test or learning a new language is sure that nonstop cramming sessions can not translate into your long-term memory.

Follow our step-by-step guide on how you can test the maximum of your study session and how to test it.

1. Memory consolidation

 Memory is a complex process, and the brain needs time to absorb new information. An important step is to consolidate memory, when the newly created memory is set, it then enables it to restore it. Extensive studies have shown that this density can happen during sleep and what you can read about why you study it before going to bed can help you. When your body gets the necessary rest, your brain is active, with different parts of the brain communicating with each other.

 Studies in Aachen University in Germany found that after learning the 90-minute persecution after learning the motor skills or withdrawal can be increased even after learning the language. So the next time someone tells you that you will not be studying and sleeping, you can tell them you are working on recalling your memory.

2. A 'set' break

A study by the University of New York has found that you can "set" a new memory during the hour when after a teaching session breaks instead of just jumping into any other work or high-tech gadget.


3. Walk it off

Enjoy a small walk or grab a snack and roam your conscious mind so that deep distractions in your brain can work on what you have learned - not being distracted by a new challenge.

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