Wednesday, March 13, 2019

4 things you need to know about having sex when you're HIV positive

1. Be honest with your partner

 Assistant Director of the Week Reproductive Health and HIV Institute Francois Venter said, "The topics of your publication are" disclosure issues - how to protect your partner and how their HIV status will be evaluated and plus what must be done. "Professor of the Department of Medicine at the University of Wight.

Before finding yourself right now, you need to deal with them so that you can contact them with caution. 

"Plan how to get the conversation, negotiate for safe sex and encourage your partner to get tested. And have a handy plan B in place in case there is a condom break, such as taking post-exposure propylaxis (PEP), which prevents HIV transmission, "says Dr. Venter.

2. Use condoms – they work

 There are many stories around condoms that are not safe to prevent HIV infection. But if used properly, and if they are not burst or closed, they are 100% safe.

Unfortunately, they occasionally slip or tear, in this case there is a small risk and it is suggested to get PEP in your doctor or clinic. Risk also increases during your period.

3. Stick to your treatment

 With the advent of safe and effective antiretroviral, your health becomes normal and your ability to pass the virus often becomes empty. So, the accident in condoms or anything else is less likely to result in your partner.

4. Oral sex is low risk for on HIV

 Dr. Venter said, "There is a big risk to getting hurt by your electricity rather than getting HIV from oral sex."

However, you can still catch other STIs from safe sex offensive sex, so proceed with caution.

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