Wednesday, March 13, 2019

6 steps to increase iron absorption

Some things are considered when the absorption of iron from iron-rich foods or iron supplements can be greatly improved.

 Iron deficiency is the world's most common and comprehensive nutrition disorder. This condition can be caused by extreme fatigue and weakness; This may be iron deficiency anemia, which does not treat due to treatment, depression, chest pain, infection and cardiovascular disease. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately two billion people - about 30% of the population - anemic

The body absorbs mainly from iron-rich foods (such as red meat, fried eggs, liver, spinach, beans and pepper) and iron supplements. However, it needs to be aware that there are many factors (including some foods) which can greatly influence the iron absorption power of the body.

Make sure your body absorbs enough iron by following these simple tips:

1. Avoid drinking tea or wine within one hour of taking iron supplements. These drinks can absorb very hard to bind tannin iron into both. Phosphate in fizzy drinks can have the same effect.

2. Stay in an hour for eating iron and milking. A glass of milk (about 165 mg calcium) can reduce the absorption of more than half of iron. The same applies to high calcium containing dairy products, and supplements.

3. Phytates in raw serials may also prevent the absorption of iron, so cereal and iron may be helpful in keeping an hour gap between supplements.

4. Vitamin C supports the absorption of iron in most foods, so it is a good idea to drink some orange juice while taking the iron supplement. You can not tolerate orange juice, apple, mango, or pineapple.

5. Avoid overcooking. You know the old says: The more you flawed the more you fly. 

6. Some medicines may prevent the absorption of iron; And iron, instead, can prevent the absorption of some other medicines. Here are some examples:

Drugs that may inhibit iron absorption:

- Magnesium salts (oral) 

- Tetracyclines 

- Trientine 

- Zinc

Drugs whose absorption can be inhibited by iron: 

- Bisphosphonates 

- Ciproflaxacin 

- Entacapone 

- Levodopa 

- Penicillamine

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