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9 ways to get more energy when you are feeling tired

We need sleep to give us energy, and most people require seven to nine hours of sleep per night to feel their best.

I’m not going to sugar-coat it: The best way to get through your entire day without your eyelids drooping is to get enough sleep at night.

Importantly: Summit Medical Group's sleeping service director Dr. "You can not replace sleep to give strength," said Allison Cole. "Most people need to sleep seven to nine hours per night to feel their best."

Despite that, it is not always possible (another stage of cracking off the knee in Great Britain, right?). But the good news is that some quick-power-boosting tips can do quite well at this moment. Here, how to get more energy, right now.

1. Follow this super-specific hydration formula

Accept it: Do not drink as much water as you can - and dehydration energy levels are one of the main reasons. 

Registered dietitian and nutritionist. Alison Childress said, "Many of us travel around the dehydration every day and when your body is released, it feels tired and lazy."

Thankfully, childresy also says that much more drinking (without alcohol) increases your daily diet, so if you are not a huge fan of sea water, then mix it with broth from juice, tea or soup too.

How much do you need to make sure? In the lap it says that it depends on the size of your body and you want to weight your weight by 20g to count what your daily goal should be calculated.

2. Choose coffee over energy drinks

Yes, a quick jolt of liquid caffeine can definitely perk you up – but here’s the thing, not all caffeine is created equal.

Childress says, "Stay away from the energy drink ... they can give you temporary improvements, but it can stimulate you and later establish you for the crash." Because the energy drinks often accompany caffeine as well as other stimulants, and Yerba mates.

He said, 240 to 350 mm of coffee is a better choice when you need some liquid energy (eg, no crashes). Just remember the time: Lure in the lap that the day is too late (say, after 4) can interfere with sleep - and perhaps you may need more caffeine next day.

3. Snack on both carbs and protein

Your body energy comes from the calories you use, the child is called, so if you feel lazy you may need fuel. But do not head the vending machine down the hall; There is a simple formula for noshing on a fully energizing (and healthy) snack.

He explains - "Choose proteins for carbon and maximum fiber" - Carbons will supply fuel to your body, but protein will help you stay taller (and more satisfied) longer. "String a piece of cheese, a cracker with nut butter, or try an apple with half of a protein bar," Childres said.

4. Do a few laps at the office (or just get up for some water)

If you close your desk, there is a simple solution: Walk - It is an automatic source of energy that increases your circulation and keeps your muscles active, says call. 

And before you complain that there is no room to walk out of your office building, find out if this tip is not mandatory for fresh air to work. Take water cooler regular travel, log some laps around your cube collection, or walk up and down the steps several times. Childcare advises you to set an alarm to remind yourself to get your phone up and running from hour to hour.

"Make it regularly to live and focus your mind regularly - it's a good step for your body for your body," he explains.

5. As soon as you wake up, make a plan to crush the day

You know that feeling when you wake up and have so much to do that you kind of just want to go to bed? This tip can help with that “I’m so overwhelmed” feeling.

Kole suggests starting every day with a positive thought or goal (like, “I’m going to spend 20 minutes mentally rehearsing for my presentation over coffee today”). This will help you manage your attitude toward the day’s activities – and conserve some of your precious energy, because freaking out about everything is super draining. “Personally, I try to focus on one thing I’m thankful for,” she says, “which creates a positive mindset moving forward”.

6. Take a whiff of something refreshing

Whether you work in an office or at home, the air around you can get stale – which definitely doesn’t bode well for staying alert.

Perk up by diffusing essential oils (they’ll spice up your environment and boot your energy levels). Childress says that eucalyptus and citrus oils can refresh a tired body and mind, and that if simply smelling some zesty lemon doesn’t quite do the trick, you can also try putting a drop on some pressure points (like the insides of your wrists) for an extra kick. Just make sure to read the directions; some essential oils can irritate the skin.

7. Keep your curtains open and wake up by daylight

 If you need another reason to consider your friend's sun, pay attention: open your screen and as soon as you wake up and enter your house, you can set up an energy-efficient course for the whole day.

Cole says that the first thing to reveal yourself in bright light in the morning is to help your internal sleeping watch control the body clock and even improve your mood, especially if you enjoy seasonal disorder (SAD).

8. Try to sweat a little bit before breakfast

Cole says, even before you start your day, you can work in the morning as soon as you think of being super-productive and increase your energy as well as control anxiety and reduce stress. 

But there is another reason to run daily things for the first time in the daily to do list: According to Coal, set a positive and powerful voice for the rest of your day at the morning workshop, more likely to interfere with your ability to sleep late in the evening or in the evening.

9. Free up brain power by actually writing things down

If I want to look at your brain now, then perhaps I have a mile-length list of appointments, schedule changes, and other things you can not forget most often - and it's a recipe to crush fatigue. 

Keep track of everything you really want to do, mentally spend a lot of energy, so call them in order to really do everything - or organize yourself better by writing at least everything. He said that these confusing loose-edge solutions can tone the brain and you may feel ready to deal with the next thing on your list.

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