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Baby Skin Care Guide


Left alone, this thick, yellow, crusted fever will end on the baby's penis. To speed up the process, apply olive oil or mineral oils to separate the scales before shampooing and then use a coma or baby brush to remove them from the smoker, says Patiator's Assistant Professor Susan Boko. University of California San Diego


Common in the ears behind, such conditions can often be treated by applying petroleum jelly in a day or two. (If there is scratches or cracking on the face, it is probably the acrobatic dermatitis; check your childhood.


These small white dot holes in the nose are not completely open. "Holes usually open normally, the white dive disappears," said Dr. BoiCo Do not knock the hole - this can be scarring.


In the first month of the child's life, very common, acne mouth, scalp, ears and neck pimples are created. It may be the response to fetal and mother hormone levels. Generally, no treatment is needed; The skin cleanses in a few weeks.


This condition occurs after the first three months and is more common in boys than in girls. Mild cases need no treatment, but since severe infantile acne may cause permanent scarring, see your pediatrician so that the area can be treated with medication if necessary, says Amy Paller, M.D., professor of pediatrics and dermatology at Northwestern University Medical School.


Often, due to teasing and dowling of children, these chaped areas can be cleaned by the skin of the skin and using a light moisturizer. Boicano said.


This pinpoint rash on the face, upper chest and back is probably the most common rash of newborns. It happens within a few days of birth and within a few days it itself goes away.


The baby's lip is found in the middle of the lip, the lungs of the lungs, toes, or to other parts of the body participate in Utreto. See if you can find matching folks in the related body parts. Dr. Boeko said, "These blisters are completely polite and spontaneously cleaned individually." But since a blister may sometimes cause serious infection - such as the herpes virus infection - it refers to your pediatrician. "


These little, red, sometimes itchy bumps, occur under the neck and arms, and along the upper part of the chest and back. They're especially common in very young babies, whose sweat glands are not yet fully functioning. Keep these areas cool and dry by applying small amounts of plain cornstarch first to your hands, then to your baby. Have your pediatrician check very red or oozing skin -- it may signal a yeast infection.


When the stump of the umbilical cord finally drops off, usually after a couple of weeks, the skin at the navel may look a bit raw. Many doctors advise swabbing the area with alcohol several times a day to keep it dry and clean. Any persistent redness or oozing could be a sign of infection; have it checked by your pediatrician.


The most serious diaphragm rashes when the urine mixes with the lungs, which causes skin irritation, as Dr. Paul says. Fortunately, these days prevent this in the most disposable diapers in gel. If you use clothes diapers, or your baby's diaphragm rash, you should make her lower coat with a pepper containing gene oxide or petrolum.It can be a yeast or fungal infection (a diaphragm rash is not impossible, is not usually painful) and it should be examined by your pediatrician, if a rash is very red and inflammatory or it can last for several days.

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