Monday, March 18, 2019

Smokers may be more costly against the most serious skin cancer

Researchers have seen how smoking affects the body's immune system melanoma reaction.


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Researchers say that recent and current smokers have fewer survival rates than non-smokers in melanoma, which say that smoking can weaken the defense response to the most serious cancerous skin cancer.

In the study of more than 700 melanoma patients in the UK, smokers were 40% less likely to have less than 40% of malmanoma, who did not smoke at least 10 years before their diagnosis.

Immune system like an orchestra

In addition, among the symptoms of most genetic indicators of patients with 156 melanoma patients, smokers are about 4.5 times less likely to survive than smokers.

A recent study published in the Journal of Cancer Cancer Research showed that how the body's immune system responds to melanoma affects smoking.

Lead author Julia Newton-Bishop said, "The immune system is like an orchestra with multiple pieces, it has been proposed that how the smokescreen works together, it can run safely, but perhaps more irregularly." He is a professor of nervous system at Leeds University in England.

"As a result, smokers may mount the defense response to try and destroy Melanoma, but it seems less effective than smokers and smokers feel less likely to survive their cancer". Research Research UK, which fund research.

Poor survival

Based on the results of the research, melanoma patients have called for resignation for smoking, he added.

Although this study has a relationship between the chances of the survival of the patients of smoking and melanoma, it was not confirmed that smoking was due to poor survival.

Previous studies have shown that smoking can damage the immune system, but the chemicals responsible for this effect are not confirmed.

Julie Sharp, the Patient and Doctors of Cancer Research UK Health and Patient Information Department, focused on this research.

"Overall, these results show that smoking melamomas can limit patients' survival, so it is particularly important that they provide all support for the best way to quit smoking," Sharp told Khabar.

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