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What to Feed Your Baby in the First Year

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  • You should create a healthy eating pattern for your baby

  •  Your baby needs proper nutrition during the initial growth sequence

  • Know what to feed your baby apart from breast milk in the first year

Proper feeding is important in the first year of your baby's life. The mother usually does not take enough nutrition to their child or is worried. There are many questions around what should be given to the child in her first year. In the initial stage, proper nutritious food will ensure the right growth of your baby. From the beginning of your own child's life, you can make a healthy eating pattern.If you are confused what you need to give and if your child has a complete guide to feeding the right foods in the first year.

0- 6 months

You will notice a lot of changes in your baby this month. Your baby will start responding to different things.


1-3 months

You will notice the major changes in your baby's appetite during these three months. The right amount of breast milk is enough for your baby to grow. This will keep your baby's digestive system healthy and prevent constipation or diarrhea. In these three months, you will receive an idea of ​​your baby's hunger. Your baby will indicate hungry or full. During this time your baby is more likely to breast feed. You should look at your baby's eating schedule. 

4-6 months


Before starting new things for your baby's diet without breast milk, you should consult your doctor. In 4-6, your child will start grabbing things and will start to sit down. You can add cereal to your baby. But your baby does not eat too much food. 2-3 tablespoons are enough twice a day. Breast milk should be the main source of nutrients. Do not replace milk with serial. You need to use very soft spoons to feed your baby because your baby's skin is very fine.

6-8 months

 Once your baby is six months old, you can add other foods to your baby's diet. You can meet the nutritional requirements of your baby with other foods including breastmilk. You can eat fruits and vegetables for your baby. Your baby will like more sweet fruits.Your children will not deny anything that they do not like. In the fruit, you can eat bananas, apples or pearls. To make it easier for the child to melt, you should first brush the fruits. In vegetables, you can select potatoes and carrots.

8-12 months

Now your baby will start eating more solid foods. Complete dependence on milk will be reduced. Other things to fill your child as well as other nutrient requirements will be eaten. Without fruit and vegetables your baby can now eat more solid foods. Do not give food items which are too solid or loaded with spice. Mash before properly serving.Do not give anything that can hurt the kids. You can give yogurt and introduce other fruits and vegetables. But do not completely suck your baby's milk. Make sure your baby sucks breast properly.

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