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Which kind of emergency contraception should I use?

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  2. Which kind of emergency contraception should I use?
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  4. What's the ella morning-after pill?
  5. What's the plan B-morning-after pill?

Emergency Contraception is a the safe way to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex. There are some types of emergency contraceptives and some work better than others.

What kinds of emergency contraception are there?

There are two ways to prevent pregnancy after your insecurity.

Option 1:  Get a paraagrade i-UD in 120 hours (5 days) after having unsafe sex. This is the most effective type of emergency contraceptive.

Option 2: Take an emergency contraceptive pill (once-in-a-morning) in 120 hours (5 days) after having unprotected sex. There are 2 types of morning - after rose:

  • A pill with Ulipristal acetate. There is only one brand named Ella

  • You need a prescription from your graduate or doctor to get the most important

  • You need a prescription from your graduate or doctor to get the most important

  • ella Pill is the most effective kind in the morning.

  • It can take ella for 120 hours (5 days) after unprotected sex, and it works the same way for exactly 5 days.
  • A pill with Levonorgestrel. Brand names include: Plan B is a step, step, my way, offpile and others. 
  • You can buy medicine on counter this without a prescription in the morning-after-medicine and pharmacy.
In such a morning-after-rose, they do their best after 72 hours of unprotected sex (3 days), but you can take them up to 5 days. As soon as you take them, the better they work.

You can use emergency contraception to the prevent pregnancy if:

  • You did not use condom or other birth control methods when you had vaginal sex

  • You control your regular birth control (forgot your birth control goals, change

  •  your patch or ring, or get your shot on time) and vaginal sex

  • your partner didn't pull out in time
  • You are forced to unprotect vaginal sex 

If you use emergency contraception properly after having unprotected sex, it is less likely to become pregnant. But do not use it as your sole protection during pregnancy, because it is not effective, regular non-emergency birth control methods (such as IID, pill or condom).

If you have sex (or you might think it in the future), take quiz for you to find the best way to control quiz.

What is the emergency contraception is best for me?

The best emergency contraception (EC) for you depends on a few factors:

        When you were unprotected sex

        What type of EC you get is the easiest

        Your height and weight (called your BMI)

        Whether you are breastfeeding

        If you use a pill, patch or ring in the last 5 days

It's good for you to use the EC's most effective method. But it can be difficult to get more effective methods like IID and Oral. IID should be kept by a nurse or doctor and you need a prescription to get ella. You can order ella online, but it can take a day to get it in the mail - so you can not have enough time depending on when you are insecure.

Plan B is less effective than IID and Cells, especially if you take 3 days (72 hours) or higher BMI. But plan B and other types of langongrasal rose-roses are the easiest to get. You do not need any prescription and you can buy someone at your Drug Counter Counter regardless of your age or gender.

If you need emergency control, you are wrong with your birth control pills, patches, rings or shots, may not even work as planning and plan b. This birth control method hormones can affect how well Ella can do. If you have questions about the best type of emergency contraception for you, call your local designed Parenthood Health Center.

Do not use two different types of morning at the same time (at the same time, Plan B and Sail) at the same time or within 5 days, because they can resist each other and do not work. Do not take any more doses of medicines - holes later - it will not give you extra protection during pregnancy, but it can cause you sickness.

If you do not get the most effective type of emergency contraceptive, remember that using any method is better than using it in any way. And time is really important. In fact, many people get medicine before morning-time and keep their medicines in the cabinet, so if they need them they can accept it as soon as possible.

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