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Could You Have a Sex Addiction?

The World Health Organization stepped into the fray by recognizing compulsive sexual behavior disorder.

For decades, mental health professionals are debating the question: Can a person be penalized? Then the World Health Organization stepped into the fray last month – and didn’t totally answer the question.

WHO has announced that its updated list of compulsory sexual behavior disorder, includes the international classification of the disease.In ICD-11, it is described as "marked by regular pattern of failure to reflect intense, repetitive sexual emotions or repetitive sexual behavior."

The controversial decision was hailed by many supporters of the change as advancing the conversation surrounding problematic behavior that goes by many names: sex addiction; out-of-control sexual behavior; hypersexuality; and hypersexual behavior disorder. Yet while the inclusion of the disorder has been proposed, it’s not been accepted into the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders.
So WHO’s decision made waves.

It's incredibly important for diagnosis - it's essential. Because after diagnosing any disease, you get moral judgment, you get religiously affected clinical decisions and you can get the wrong diagnostics. "

 Others indicate - such as WHISE itself - that the WHO behavior stops to stop the disease from saying an addiction. However, most of those who support or oppose the diagnosis recognize that the WHO decision is important and only leads to more conversations.

In the statement of sexual orientation status, the American Association of Sex Educationists, Counselors and Therapists "acknowledge that people may experience the consequences of significant physical, psychological, spiritual and sexual health related to their sexual orientation, thinking or behavior." But find out the evidence of "adequate experience in supporting psychoanalysis or sexually assaulting as a mental health disorder."

Colombian District's Certified Sexual Therapist Michael Vigirito said, "The WHW decision to add to the disorder of compulsory sexual behavior" in the ICD-11 is "the treatment of restrictive sexual behavior - sexual rehabilitation" addiction. "Vigorito helped draft a statement of AASECT's position on sexual addiction. Rather than creating a new diagnosis, he argues with the need to treat depression or problematic, harmful sexual behavior, or other intra-mental conditions, including paraphilia. "When you try to isolate this condition as an intelligent discrepancy in relation to the sexual criteria criteria, then it is not involved in research because most people meet criteria for other established psychiatric disorders." "Once you consider that disorder once, the problem of sexual behavior is probably absent."

Proponents of sexual repression therapy argue that in such a manner there is absence of some people whose collective sexual behavior disrupts their lives and reduces the power of working at home or work or in their social life.

Most instinctive sexual behavior is not the cause of concern, experts say. "But if you come to me and say that you are losing your marriage, you are losing your family, you are losing your job, you can not go through college because you are watching the screen instead of studying. If you tell me that the behavior involved affects your effectiveness, I am seeing addiction or obedience, "Wes says. He adds that sexual intercourse is not about who you are sleeping with, you are not attracted to sex or you have sex. It's not like skin, I'm not like sexual immorality, but if I'm in vanilla sex then I'm not. So it's not about who or what, "he says." My sexual behavior is affecting my ability to work. "

But unlike an addiction like drug or drug addiction, where a person's recovery is not advised that they do not drink or be higher, opinions of opinion experts on the sexual debate dispute agree that a small number of people will be willing to give up completely - and they should not expect .

Weiss offers cognitive behavioral addiction treatment, therapy that is used to treat other addiction. But the behavior of victims of sexual oppression focuses on the control and maintenance of its strategies and it changes by the person, where problems can show obscenity when dealing with monotonous, marital relations or obscene time when one seems to be working."We are going to destroy their behavior, their career" - We are working with them for their behavior outside the control of those who are in control of their lives. "We are not saying that you are not going to be sex anymore. We are now saying that sex is sure to be your life, healthy for your life ... ... where it is very different."

As the website notes on his website, the first step to treating sexual abuse is a thorough "biological psychology-social assessment". This evaluation involves keeping an eye on almost every aspect, including the history of a person's sexual relationship and relationship. "It may be necessary to deal with relationships, family, legal, work, social, recreational and financial concerns, not to sexual abuse of individuals, but to other psychological problems (including other addictions)."

Then, attention is the behavior and well-being of a person. He deeply advised to overcome one-of-one therapy to get help to change the patterns of behavior. "Group therapy helps sexual assaults that their problems are not unique, which crosses a long way toward reducing shame related to their behavior," website notes. Weiss also suggested joining a sex addiction support group, just as a long-term issue, as she could see, Alcoholics Alcoholism for Alcohol Addiction to Join Life Support could join Anonymous.

Others like Vigyrito say that it is being discussed whether or not to be sexually abused, but rather to better understand it - and treated as necessary - how problems are running. In some cases, it may be about evaluation of attitudes that think that the first problem is there. "They may have their negative moral judgment about those that involve sexual behavior among them or sexual fantasies which are introduced to them; and that internal conflicts are described as they feel outside of control," Vigorito says.

Those who suffer from serious sexual problems which are hindering their lives will be benefited from deeper understanding. "I think most people presenting this problem will probably qualify for a mental disorder that has already been recognized and researched and evidence-based treatment for it, such as major depression disorder [or] anxiety disorder," said Vigorito.

Those who suffer from serious sexual problems which are hindering their lives will be benefited from deeper understanding. "I think most people presenting this problem will probably qualify for a mental disorder that has already been recognized and researched and evidence-based treatment for it, such as major depression disorder [or] anxiety disorder," said Vigorito. "It can be a symptom of ADHD, then we can provide treatment based on the diseases that have become confused, the symptoms of the disease are sexual."

Whatever it is - and controversially controversial - experts agree at least that seeking help is important. Not to be a lazy method of sexual intercourse - it allows behavior that self-destructive or hurt others, or it is suppressive.

"Sexual health is a health domain equal to physical health, mental health and spiritual health", said Vigorito. "So it is an important aspect of human life satisfaction that helps me to integrate the sexual pleasure of their lives, where it will contribute to their overall health and well-being."

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Monday, April 8, 2019

Heart Disease: Causes of a Heart Attack

What Is Heart Disease?

Heart disorders refers to conditions involving the heart, its carriers, muscles, valves, or internal electrical pathways responsible for muscle contraction. The conditions of general heart disease include:

  • Coronary artery disease
  • Heart failure
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Heart valve disease
  • Arrhythmias

What Is a Heart Attack?

When a coronary artery is blocked (usually by blood clot), a part of cardiovascular loss loses its blood supply. Reduction of blood rapid decay and / or can kill the heart tissue, so the emergency treatment and / or catheterization suite in the emergency department is necessary for reducing cardiovascular reduction. Reduction of heart tissue may cause obstruction, pain, weakness and even death.In recent years, rapid treatment reduced the number of deaths from a heart attack; However, according to the CDC, approximately 610,000 people die of cardiovascular disease every year (1 in every 4 deaths).

Heart Attack Symptoms

The following is a heart attack warning signs:

  • Chest pain (can be back, neck, arms and / or jaw)

  •     Dizziness

  •     Nausea vomiting

  •     Quick or irregular heartbeats

  •     Breath weakness

  •     Some people may show concern, disrespect and / or heart disease (some women may present their child's chest pain as their main symptom)

  •     Weakness

Coronary Artery Disease Symptoms

 Condominary artery disease (CAD) occurs when the plaque, a sticky substance, contraction or partial inhibitor of the connarium artery (such as the sticking of the sticks in the material stroke) and thus reduces blood flow. This reduced blood flow may be chest pain (enzine), it is a warning sign of potential cardiovascular disease like heart attack. The plaque can suddenly prevent a toxic artery from harmful harmful blood, causing heart attacks.

How Plaque, Blood Clots can Cause Heart Attack 

Plain coronary and other arteries may occur (for example, carotid artery). Some plaques can be tough or firm outside, but soft inside and crispy or sticky. If a solid shell-like area is open then blood components platelets and small blood clots form a large quote and effectively stop blood flow through blood pressure. From sweating, cardiovascular disease is caused by the absence of tissue and is damaged or killed.

Erratic Heart Beat (Arrhythmia)

Notice that patients are said to the unusual, rapid, slow, or irregularities that may cause irregular abnormal electrical impulses. They may have symptoms of weakness, respiration, and anxiety. Arthritimia can change the power of heart pumping, slow or even stop. As a result, Arthmemia patients should take urgent medical care, especially if arithimemia lasts or causes chest pain such as any symptoms related to heart attack symptoms.

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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Best Guide 2019 to Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer 

Breast cancer is not what it was 20 years ago. Climb the survival rate, thanks to more awareness, more initial detection, and therapeutic progression. Every year about 250,000 Americans who are diagnosed with breast cancer have great reason to be optimistic. 

Breast Cancer Symptoms 

  •     A joke or mass look in the breast.

  •     Nipple discharge

  •     The presence of rash in the breast.

  •     Redness of breast or nipples

  •     Changes in breast skin, such as orange-holes or dimpling in the breasts.

Investigations for Breast Cancer

  •     Screening mammography helps to detect breast cancer before showing any signs or symptoms.
  •     MRI scanning is recommended for breast screening.
  •     Biopsy where the tissue sample is taken from the affected area and sent for cancer cell examination and for determining the level of cancer.

  Specialized Investigations for Breast Cancer

  • Hormone receptor status is tested in a test where the affected part of the breast is tested for the presence of tissue estrogen and processor receptors.

  • HER2: This test measures the excessive presence of HR2, which is a protein in breast cancer cells. If the test is positive, then this is given targeted therapy for proteins. 

Stages of Breast Cancer

  • Stage 0 is initially known as cancer in the studio (LCIS or DCIS). At this stage, tumor cells are limited to lobules or ducts in the breast and are not yet metastasized.
  • The fourth breast from the stage represents breast attacking cancer, where the cancer metastasizes adjacent tissues and remotest organs.
Stage I is the earliest invasive stage and stage IV is the stage where the tumors have spread to distant organs, such as brain, lungs or bones.

Treatment for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer treatment depends on the type of breast cancer, cancer level, protein published by tumors, patient age and treatment options.

 Coordination of various treatments, such as surgery, hormonal therapy, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and targeted therapies are used.

Surgery for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common treatment surgery. Different surgical treatments are used. Some of the surgical procedures are:

  • The mastectomy which removes the whole breast. 
  •  Partial maltectomy or lumpotype is a breast-preservative surgery where only the affected area of the breast is removed. 
  • A tissue sample is taken for evaluation of the sentinel lymph node biopsy where the cancer is metastasized in the cancerous lymph nodes. If it is, then Acicillarian separation is examined and assassin lymph nodes are tested. 
  • The reconstruction of the reconstruction of breast structure can be done during or after the time of surgery and mastectomy.

Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer

Radiation therapy is usually followed by a breast-saving surgery and sometimes by using the great beams to kill remaining remaining cancer cells. Radiation therapy can be done either internally or externally (maximized breast cancer). 

Hormone Therapy for Breast Cancer

It is a very effective treatment for breast cancer which is positive for ER and PR (hormone receptors). Hormone therapy works to deprive the hormones they need to reduce tumor cells. One of the common medicines used in hormonal therapy is the tumoxifen that changes the function of our body's estrogen. 

Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer

Chemotherapy treatment that uses drugs or medicines to destroy cancer cells. Chemotherapy can be combined with other treatments and can be given prior to surgery (Neodymotic Chemotherapy) or After Surgery (Ascultant Chemotherapy). Multiple drugs can be used.

Targeted Therapy for Breast Cancer 

Using targeted therapy drugs, for specific abnormalities or breast cancer, H2 protein is present in tumor cells. Targeted Therapy Tumors That HR 2-Positive Trust drug (herpespatin) is a drug used in targeted therapies. 

Preventative Measures for Detecting Breast Cancer

  • Between 20 and 30 women will get 3 years of clinical breast examination (CBE). Women over 40 years old will have to complete their annuals. 
  • The technique of BSE should be gone over with a health care professional in order to best detect any changes.
  • Annual mammograms, especially the 40-year-old women received. Ultrasound tests performed with mammograms can result in good results, especially among young people, such as having frequent breasts and giving mammogram a false positive result. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Panic Disorder

Panic disorder is an anxiety disorder characterized by repeated unexpected panic attack and response to individual attacks. A panic attack is a severe fear and discomfort that usually rises in peaks in ten minutes, but may last for several hours.

Panic Attack Symptoms

The panic attack is associated with the following physiological and cognitive symptoms.
  • Heart palpitations
  •  Sweating    
  • Trembling or shaking
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feelings of choking
  • Chest pain or discomfort
  • Nausea or abdominal distress
  • Feeling dizzy, unsteady, light-headed, or faint
  • Chills or heat sensations
  • Numbness or tingling sensations
  • Feelings of unreality or being detached from oneself
  • Fear of losing control or “going crazy”
  • Fear of dying     

Panic disorder is also worried about future attacks (e.g., heart attack, "being crazy") or significantly changes their behavior to avoid panic attacks (such as avoiding strangers). Like other mental disorders, these symptoms can cause significant amounts of grief and weakness in daily  life.

Panic Attack or Heart Attack?

Panic disorder is showing concerns about the consequences of panic attacks. Many people mistakenly panic attacks due to their heart attack due to heart attack. Pain in a cardiac chest (as a heart attack experience) is usually done slowly or by labor when a panic attack is not usually associated with exercise.Exercises with cardiac chest pain can also be carried out by any exercise, but people with panic disorder are not affected by exercise. Cardiac chest pain is related to older age related to panic disorder and much more related to medical conditions.

Panic Attacks versus Panic Disorder

Panic attack only enough to meet criteria for diagnosing panic disorder is not enough. A panic attack can be an anxiety reaction that concerns other than anxiety disorder can occur in diseases or anxiety-provoking situations.

Panic disorder often occurs in the absence of other mental disorders. Panic disorders often have other anxiety disorders, major depression, anxiety disorders, and light alcohol use disorders.The mortality rate of major depression and panic disorder among which has been reported from 10 to 65 percent. Panic disorders also frequently occur frequently with other treatment conditions such as cardiac arterymyia, hyperthyroidism, asthma, chronic respiratory lung disease, and burning stomach syndrome

How Common Is Panic Disorder?

One year prevalence of panic disorder is 2 to 3 percent in the United States and European countries. Asian, African, and Latin American countries have low reproduction rates of 0.1% to 0.8%. Compared to males than men and gender discrimination in adolescence. The average age of panic disorder in the United States is 20-24 years. In the first case, a small percentage occurs in childhood or later in adults.

What Causes Panic Disorder?

The exact cause of panic disorder is unknown. Some genes may provide disadvantages of panic disorder, although the exact genes and processes are unknown. Children with anxiety, depression, and bipolar patients have high rates of panic disorder. The brain model of panic disorder emphasizes brain structure involving anxiety and fear.

Ethnic and Cultural Differences

In the United States, Latinos, African Americans, Caribbean Black, and Asian Americans report lower rates of panic disorder than non-Latino Saudas. Native Americans report highest rates. Asian, African and Latin American countries report lower rates of panic disorder than in the US and European countries.These discriminations can be interpreted in part by the fear of different cultures and the qualities of panic attack. Examples of the culture-specific character related to panic attacks include Truong Geo ("hit by the wind") in Vietnam's culture, etac de nervios ("nerve attack") among Latin Americans, and khaled ("soul damage") among Cambodians.

Treatment of Panic Disorder

Both medicines and psychotherapy can effectively treat panic disorder. Commonly prescribed medicines Anti-anxiety medicines and antidepressants. A combination of medicines and psychology is found to be the most effective.

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Smokers may be more costly against the most serious skin cancer

Researchers have seen how smoking affects the body's immune system melanoma reaction.


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Researchers say that recent and current smokers have fewer survival rates than non-smokers in melanoma, which say that smoking can weaken the defense response to the most serious cancerous skin cancer.

In the study of more than 700 melanoma patients in the UK, smokers were 40% less likely to have less than 40% of malmanoma, who did not smoke at least 10 years before their diagnosis.

Immune system like an orchestra

In addition, among the symptoms of most genetic indicators of patients with 156 melanoma patients, smokers are about 4.5 times less likely to survive than smokers.

A recent study published in the Journal of Cancer Cancer Research showed that how the body's immune system responds to melanoma affects smoking.

Lead author Julia Newton-Bishop said, "The immune system is like an orchestra with multiple pieces, it has been proposed that how the smokescreen works together, it can run safely, but perhaps more irregularly." He is a professor of nervous system at Leeds University in England.

"As a result, smokers may mount the defense response to try and destroy Melanoma, but it seems less effective than smokers and smokers feel less likely to survive their cancer". Research Research UK, which fund research.

Poor survival

Based on the results of the research, melanoma patients have called for resignation for smoking, he added.

Although this study has a relationship between the chances of the survival of the patients of smoking and melanoma, it was not confirmed that smoking was due to poor survival.

Previous studies have shown that smoking can damage the immune system, but the chemicals responsible for this effect are not confirmed.

Julie Sharp, the Patient and Doctors of Cancer Research UK Health and Patient Information Department, focused on this research.

"Overall, these results show that smoking melamomas can limit patients' survival, so it is particularly important that they provide all support for the best way to quit smoking," Sharp told Khabar.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Mental health help becoming less of a stigma in military

The concept of mental health counseling is even more open than the veterans of the American military's active-duty members, a new survey has found.

"The mental health of the mental health has changed in the military field and we have seen real progress in reducing stigmas associated with professional counseling," survey writer Samantha Doton said. He is the Program Director of Humanities and Science College of Phoenix University.

Veterans retain old stereotypes

"However, there has been no change in the perception of mental health for the veterans. Many of our veterans have been served in a culture where seeking your help or asking for help was not widely accepted," he joined the press release of a university.


Recent survey results carry: More than 90% of all veterans and active-duty service members are as mental health as physical health. But only 30% of active active staff members have been seeking or considering mental health counseling.

Recent survey results: More than 90% of all veterans and active-duty service members have mental health as physical health. But 30% of active activists have been asked or considered to have mental health advice.

Importance of dealing with concerns

The survey found that 89% of active-duty military members believe that professional counseling is usually somewhat better or better than 66% veterans. 

In addition, 91% active-duty service members say that their leaders discuss the importance related to mental health concerns, only 23% of veterans say their leaders have done it.

When veterans were asked what resources they would use to manage  mental health, free counselling was the most common response (39%).

Twenty five percent of Vintanas said, if the mortgagee, friend or family member discusses the experience of counseling, he would be encouraged for mental health advice.

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